Call History Release Reasons



Cancel Connect

The connection was cancelled.


The call was connected to another destination: e.g caller was answered by the auto attendant and then connected to an extension.

Curl Err. 18

Web Responder – A file transfer was shorter or larger than expected.

Curl Err.23

Web Responder – An error occurred when writing received data to a local file.

Curl Err.28

Web Responder – Operation timeout. The specified time-out period was reached according to the conditions.

Curl Err.7

Web Responder – Failed to connect to host or proxy.


Call dispatched from call queue.

Doman Limit

The call was blocked because it’s associated domain as exceeded the provisioned limit.

Incompatible Media

There is no compatible codec to support this call.

Invalid PIN

An invalid PIN was entered.

Max Recording

The call was disconnected by reaching the maximum allowed recording duration.

Message Sent

The recorded message was sent.


The terminating destination is temporarily moved. The termination destination may have forwarding enabled on the phone.

No ACK Timeout

The call was disconnected because the answer (i.e. 200OK) was not acknowledged.

No Answer

There was no answer from the termination side.

No Audio File

An audio file needed to be played out cannot be found.

No Dial Rule

The dialing cannot be matched by any dial rule  associated with the caller.

No Digit

Digit collection timed-out before any digit was received.

No Orig Match

Origination doesn’t match any defined registar or connection entry.

No Response

No response received from the forward leg.

No Route

No defined route can be found for this call.

No Subscriber

Request subscriber does not exist.

Not Found

The intended termination cannot be found.

Orig: Bye

Call was ended by a BYE from the origination side.

Orig: Cancel

Call was canceled by the origination side while the termination side was being rung but not yet answered.


The system restarted during the call.

Term Locked

The termination was disabled from service by the system administrator.

Term 302

Call disconnected during call route advancement.

Term 403

The termination side forbids this call.

Term 404

The termination side reports Not Found.

Term 480

The termination side temporarily unavailable.

Term 481

The termination side reports Call/Transaction does not exist.

Term 486

Th termination side is busy.

Term 487

The termination side reports Request Terminated.

Term 488

Codec incompatibility

Term 503

The termination side reports Service Unavailable.

Term 603

The call has been declined by the termination side.

Term: Bye

Call was ended by a BYE from the termination side.

Term: Reg Expired

Registration is Expired on the termination side.

Time Limit

The called exceeded Time Limit


The call was transferred

Wrong Orig IP

Origination IP is Wrong












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