Connecting a Yealink Phone to a Jabra 925 Bluetooth Headset

Activating the Bluetooth Mode

When you insert Bluetooth USB dongle BT40 into the USB port at the back of the IP phone, the LCD screen prompts “Bluetooth adapter is added, scanning Bluetooth devices?”. You can press the OK soft key to enter the Bluetooth screen. You can activate Bluetooth mode and then scan Bluetooth devices. 

To activate the Bluetooth mode via phone user interface:  

1. Press Menu->Settings->Basic Settings->Bluetooth. 

2. Press or Left or Right Arrow Key, or the Switch soft key to select On from the Bluetooth field. 

3. Press the Save soft key to accept the change. The LCD screen displays the Bluetooth icon. 

To pair and connect your Bluetooth headset to your IP phone:  

1. Press Menu->Settings->Basic Settings->Bluetooth.  

2. Press the Scan soft key to search the Bluetooth devices.  

3. Select the desired Bluetooth headset and then press Connect soft key. The Bluetooth headset is then automatically connected to your IP phone. The Bluetooth icon appears on the LCD screen. 

To pair using the headset base, follow these steps. 

Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your Yealink Desk Phone.  

Connect your Jabra Pro base to a power supply. 

Wear the headset. 

To enter pairing mode, tap the Mobile device icon on the base. Pairing mode is announced in the headset, and the icon lights up. 

To pair, go to the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device and select the Jabra Pro 925/935 from the list of available devices. 
Enter "0000" (four zeros) if you are asked for a pin code. 


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