How Long Does It Take To Port A Number?

The time it takes to port a number varies on several factors, such as:

  • Losing Carrier
  • Landline or Wireless Number
  • Type of Number, i.e. Toll-Free, Local, Shortcode

While we can't guarantee requested port dates will mean the number will be ported that day, the earlier we can submit a port with correct information, the higher the chance we will be able to port the numbers on the requested port date. 

Here are some general approximations on how long ports from common carriers will take:

  • AT&T can be ported in as little as 4 business days
  • Charter Spectrum Enterprise (Typically Fiber) 30 business days
  • Charter Spectrum Coax 14 business days
  • Windstream 14 business days
  • Comcast 14 business days
  • Cox 14 business days
  • Centurylink 10 business days
  • Frontier 14 business days
  • AT&T Wireless/Verizon Wireless 1 business day
  • TMobile 2 business days

These approximations are based on a submitted port with no rejections. Rejections due to incorrect information, outstanding orders, or incorrect numbers listed in the port will cause delays.

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