What Do I Need To Port A Number?

To port your numbers from another carrier into Snapcom, we will need the following information from your carrier:

  • A copy of the latest complete bill with the number(s) you'd like to port listed on it
    • Alternatively, a copy of the CSR (customer service record) from the carrier
  • The authorized user of the account
  • The service address of the account

If you are porting a wireless number, you will also need the 4 digit PIN for the account to be able to port the number.

Giving us the most accurate information will ensure your port goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. When we submit a port to your carrier with incorrect information, the following happens:

  • The port will be rejected and thereby delayed
  • We will have to resubmit the port with updated information from you
  • If the port is rejected twice, you will be required to get a Customer Service Record (CSR) from your carrier

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