Snapcom CRM

Snapcom CRM expands the features and capabilities of your Snapcom phone system with the following:

• Know who is calling (before the call is answered).
• Get the caller’s details quickly on screen.
• Improves call handling and the caller’s experience.
• Quick dialing of contacts directly from “recent dial” and “call history” lists.
• A Local Contacts address book in which the user can store their own contacts.
• Locate and dial contacts from CRM databases and other integrated

NOTE: If you are being prompted to call through an Android Phone when using click to call in your browser, you need to disable the Google Chrome Click To Call UI. Copy and paste this url in your Chrome browser:


Change the setting from Default to Disabled and then click the relaunch button to restart Chrome

Click the buttons below to get started with Snapcom CRM!** 

Download Snapcom CRM  Download Snapcom CRM Setup Guide

Link to Click To Call Chrome Extension

*Not all CRM software is available to integrate. Some may require additional configuration and an additional charge. For more information, contact Snapcom Support.

**Snapcom CRM requires a license from Snapcom to be enabled. Contact Snapcom Support once you are ready to enable Snapcom CRM.

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