SNAPphone for Android

 You MUST log into the Snapcom portal first to use SNAPphone. Instructions for that can be found here: Accessing the Snapcom Portal 

Click on the button above to go to the SNAPphone App Page

Once you are on the app page, click Install to download the app to your phone. Once the app is finished installing, open the app to log in.

Logging into the app

When the app launches for the first time, you should see something like this

The Login Name and Password are the same credentials used to login to the Snapcom Portal

Your Login Name is your extension followed by the company domain. For example, 125@mybusiness 

For help with retrieving the Login Name, follow the Forgot Login steps below.

Your Password is the password you set up to access the portal. For help with resetting your Password, follow the Forgot Password steps below.

Accept app permissions

You'll be prompted to accept app permissions for four permissions. Configuring the app outside of the recommended steps below can cause your mobile app to have issues or not function at all.

First, allow access to make and manage phone calls

You can either allow or deny access to contacts stored on the phone

Allow SNAPphone to record audio (this is so SNAPphone can use your microphone for phone calls)

Hit ok to display SNAPphone over other apps

Make sure the settings page that pops up has the toggle for Permit drawing over other apps enabled



At the bottom of the app, you'll find quick links. These links will bring you to your domains (and if you allowed the permissions, local contacts), Voicemail, Instant Messaging to another user (Chat), your Call History, and a menu. Menu provides your login/log out feature, as well as other customizing options. 


Forgot Login Name

If you forgot or don't know your login name, click the Forgot Login Name? link:

Enter the requested info to get access to your login name. If you don't know that info, contact Snapcom Support

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password or it is incorrect, click the Forgot Password? link

Enter the required info to get a password reset link sent to you

If you are unsure or don't know the above info, please contact Snapcom Support

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