Changing Call Routing

This article will guide you on how to change call routing, such as when you have a company holiday, need to change your hours, or have calls ring to a cell phone.

WARNING: Setting this up improperly can cause calls to be routed incorrectly which can lead to missed calls. If you need assistance in getting this set up, please reach out to Snapcom Support.

Here are videos for the different types of forwarding you can set up

1.) Create Time Frame

Login and click on the menu icon labeled Time Frames (Your screen may look different depending on what user you log in as):

If you don't have anything listed under Time Frames, lets add a new one by clicking the Add Time Frame Button, which will look similar to this:

First, let's give this a unique name to remember it by. I'm going to call mine Holiday for business days that fall on a holiday.

You'll then be presented with three options for When

Always - Serves as a "catch all" for after hours, weekends, etc.

Days of the week and times - Best used with your recurring business hours

Specific dates or ranges - Used for company holidays, meetings, or other events that happen on a particular date or date range

You'll notice that selecting Days of the week and times or Specific dates or ranges gives you some more options. Here's what it would look like if I selected Days of the week and times:

Notice that I selected the days I wanted to include by checking the box next to them, and I adjusted the hours I wanted to include by adjusting the slider. If I wanted this to be how I setup the Holiday Time Frame, I would click save. For this example I don't, so you can click Specific dates or ranges instead:

Here I can specify a calendar date or date range by selecting the first calendar icon for the Start Time

I want this to start on July 3rd at 7:45AM. First I select the date on the calendar, then using the sliders I adjust the Hour slider and Minute slider to match. You can also manually type this in at the top if you prefer.

I'd like for this holiday to end on July 5th at 1:30AM. I click the second calendar date field to select the End Time

Now I'll confirm that the Start Time and End Time are correct

If that is correct, hit Save to save that Time Frame. If you want to add more dates, click the plus icon Screenshot_12.pngto add additional date(s)

You may have a Time Frame already created here. Click the name of the Time Frame to open the edit dialog box and follow the steps provided above to adjust it. Press Save to save any changes.


2.) Adjust Answering Rule

Next, let's apply that rule to inbound calls. Go to the Users menu icon to open the users page. By default, your calls are routed through a user called Main RG or similar on extension 7000 and above. If you are unsure of this info, let us know and we would be glad to help you. For example, the one I'm using below is this:

Hover over the user name, and you should see a pencil on the right hand side. Click it, and then click Answering Rules

Here is where I can add my new Time Frame called Holiday

The Add an Answering Rule box opens. First, select the Time Frame you just created

Now you can select how the call is forwarded. Checking the box next to the Call Forward option enables that as an option.

Example 1

Below is an example, where a call will ring immediately to extension 1000. Using the delayed ring function (noted with the red arrow) we can delay ring to the 314-555-1234 cell phone for 10 seconds. During this time it will continue to ring extension 1000. If neither answers before the timeout, the call will be routed to the voicemail of extension 1000

Example 2

Here's another example if you wanted to route all calls directly to a voicemail

 Once you have the Call Forwarding set the way you want it, click the Save button.

3.) Rearrange Answering Rules (if needed)

Answering Rules follow a top-down approach, which should be as follows:

  1. Holidays Time Frame
  2. Business Hours Second
  3. After Hours / Default

Sometimes adding Time Frames will cause them to be out of order

If they are out of order, you can reorder them to correct them. Hover over the Time Frame you would like to reorder, click and drag the Time Frame to the correct location.

Once they are in the correct order, make sure you click Save to save the order of your answering rules

Your Time Frame is now setup and ready to go!





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