Button Configuration With SNAPBuilder

With SNAPbuilder, you can configure the buttons on your phone right from the Snapcom Portal!

For a tutorial, you can watch the provided videos or follow the tutorial below.

To access SNAPbuilder, login to the portal and click on the Phones menu icon  

Here you will see the phone(s) tied to your account. Hover over the phone and you'll notice some icons available on the right hand side. You'll want to click on SNAPbuilder

Click Yes when promoted if you want to edit the button configuration:

You should now have a page that looks similar to this, with the model of your phone in the picture:

To program any of the buttons, click on the button you'd like to program and select how you'd like to configure it. For now, we suggest only using the BLF and Speed Dial options:

In this example, we selected BLF so that we can see the status of another employee. We then need to type in either their name or extension number. From there, the system should autofill the information:


By default, the system will use the name of the user in the Snapcom Portal. However, you can give the button a custom label to show whatever you'd like:

This will override the default label of the user. Once you are finished, all that's left to do is save the new button configuration and re-sync the configuration with the phone:


If you have any questions, please reach out to Snapcom Support so we can assist you.

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